Floral + Freya Project

There were so many wonderful things about this photo shoot, bringing together two of my loves, flowers and photography. Freya and I had been wanting to do a photo project for a long time and since adding floral design to my repertoire, we decided to do a portrait session that centered around flowers. I experimented with making a crown of dahlias, garden roses and yarrow, a floral collar of yellow poppies and lysimachia, as well as a garland that fastens to the back of the head, using red poppies and white sage. The one and only Chelsey Matley absolutely nailed the make-up before Freya and I set out to the rivers and plains of Snohomish. It was a breath of fresh air to get out of the city bustle and into the beauty and quiet of the countryside. And add time spent with a dear friend, and it was my most inspiring photo session to date. 


Makeup by Chelsey Matley.