Wedding Floral: Tyler + Danielle

It is so wonderful when you have great photographers with a similar esthetic capture your floral design. Josh and Ali of Jaylee Photography (the funnest husband-wife photography team, with whom I had the pleasure of working one summer -- check them out) caught the golden hour just in time for some stunning photography.

The bride and groom, Danielle and Tyler, gave me that full freedom that designers desire: to come up with whatever struck my fancy, simply noting that they have a love for wildflowers and would be happy with anything seasonal (me too!). I had a great time at the Seattle Grower's Market selecting flowers from the summer harvest of passionate farmers, based on colors and varieties that caught my eye and made me imagine a hike among wildflowers: echinacea, yarrow, strawflower, amaranth, caramel millet and chocolate lace.