Collaboration of Five Women

I mentioned the idea of doing a floral portrait shoot to Diane, asking her if she'd like to model. She then gathered three other incredibly talented women, and what ended up happening was a creative explosion. Each of us brought our best to the table and we played all day until we were out of natural light. I brought three large floral head-pieces along with a few buckets of flowers, then continued to experiment, making more crowns, bouquets, and garlands as we went along. In our last look, a nude shoot, I was taping flowers directly to Diane's skin.

The whole day left me with enough inspiration to last quite a while. It was a true honor to experience a magical day with these four amazing women:

Model: Diane Bolme of Heffner

Wardrobe Stylist: Charity Rose Thielen

Makeup and Hair: Katya Gudaeva

Photography: Genevieve Pierson