Portrait Session with Gwen St. John

It is a great thing that Gwen St. John has at last opened her own private counseling practice. To friends and family of Gwen, this is an obvious gift of hers and one of the many things she was made to do. Even the time spent with her during our portrait session was pleasant and inspiring. I know that those who see her regularly will benefit greatly and I would encourage anyone who has been thinking about enhancing their life with some counsel and perspective to see Gwen.

I believe in the process of counseling, that sitting for fifty minutes a week with someone who listens, responds, and remembers can be healing and redemptive and life-giving. I have seen many people engage in the counseling process and come through it with brighter faces, more robust dreams, deeper compassion, and a more kind and encouraging voice inside their minds. And in my opinion, that is a big deal.

Read more about her story and passion for what she does at her new website.